Meet the group of talented individuals who make up our team.  We all contribute, giving you the best of the best within each of our specialties.  

Crissy Dastrup DCG CEO
Justin Dastrup SelfBanc CEO
Zachary Trover Too Hectic
Angela Shae Wonderland KC Events

Crissy Dastrup

CEO | Principle Creative Catalyst 

Crissy is the founder of DCG, she lives and breaths by creative ideas and applies it to everything she touches.  She is a mother, an entrepreneur, and most of all, a busy body.  She provides web design, graphic design, photography, strategic planning, and creative direction.

Favorite food: Sushi

First purchase if I won the lottery: A trip around the world.

Favorite past time: Travel and Movies


Justin Dastrup, MBA

CFO | Business Consultant at DCG

Justin works with our clients who need foundational guidance within their business.  He specializes in financial accounting, analysis, planning, logistics, and operations.  

Favorite Book: Lord of the Flies  

Guilty Pleasure:  Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Something surprising about me:  I lived in Japan for two years. Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto


Zachary Trover

Animation  |  Illustration  |  Graphic Design

Zachary would never tell you, but he's our resident celebrity.  He has done work for Nickelodeon, Target, LiveNation, and Music Today.  His modesty is only surpassed by his incredible talent.

Biggest accomplishment: Being a published kids book illustrator.

Favorite accessory: My home-made bow ties.

I actively participate in: The "Red Hot Moon Scooter Club" I founded.


Angela Shae

Artistic Contributor

Angela is a painter and a make-up artist, living part time in Denver and part time in Kansas City.  

Hobby: Closet Clothing Designer

Secret talent: I'm a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner. 

Favorite cause: Women's Advocacy