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Websites can be as complex or as simple as your needs.  There are a variety of web services available to make your website extremely robust, however, not everyone needs this and it's not always in the budget.  That said, there are aspects of a website that should come standard and never be compromised.  Every website we build contains high design, an organized and user friendly experience,  and a content management system which makes the website easily editable by the owner.  

At DCG, we assess the needs of your website and make recommendations on the complexity required to meet your goals.  Some brands are looking to reach a national or global market, where compounded and higher ongoing SEO budgets are required.  We determine how extensive your digital marketing needs will be.  If digital marketing plays a major role in growing your brand and increasing revenues and visibility, we incorporate the tools that will direct a lead stream to your website, brand, and product.  

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The design of a website is every bit as important as the back end.  When someone visits your site for the first time, it will tell them a lot about you.  We make sure that message is this, "We represent something that you can relate.  Our first impression in undeniably impressive and unforgettable.  You can tell by the organization and user friendliness of this website that we are competent and capable people."  Your website should be fresh, sophisticated, and modern.

kansas city web developer


When considering the message, ideas, and impressions you represent, you must also consider the importance of replicating these things over your entire public platform.  It should be obvious to your audience that the image they see on your business card translates consistently across your entire image through marketing tangibles, commercials, social media, and of course, your website.  Your website should also be responsive when viewed on desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.  This not only cements and clarifies WHO YOU ARE, it creates a comfortable and user friendly experience.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists of many variables that create the perfect storm.  Many of these variables are built directly into your website with proper back-end development.  DCG can provide all of these elements contained in the build-out of the website.  We integrate social media and blogs, we insert meta-tags and meta-data for search engines, we insert tracking code through google.


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