"At Dastrup Creative Group, photography is part of the creative process.  We capture imagery to tell the story of you and your WHY and we create a user experience that CONNECTS you to your audience."



Everywhere we look, we live in a very beautiful world.

"Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution."

-Ansel Adams



What type of imaging services are available?

DCG works with a group of specialized technical photographers that provide an array of imaging services.  We first assess the needs of our clients and come up with the conceptual strategy.  We then evaluate the need for videography, natural photography, artistic photography, digiscope, large format, travel and scenic photography, commercial photography, studio set ups, on site, etc... 

DCG also offers artistic direction and creative consulting for DCG projects or outside existing projects, events, photo shoots, video, and commercial projects.  The value of artistic direction when building creative content is providing a cemented memory and impression experienced by your audience.  At DCG we take a bold approach to content and push the boundaries within every industry.  Whether you are a new guy on the beat competing with all of the other cool new guys, or a business or organization that has stood the test of time.  We identify and focus on your strengths, highlight them, and present them visually in a 21st century way.  Through this we accomplishes the ideal, which is to evoke interest from your audience that LASTS.


What kind of photography does Dastrup Creative Group offer?

DCG typically offers photography as part of an overall marketing and design strategy to clients who are looking to rebrand with new or upgraded logos, imagery, and brand messaging.  However, we work with magazines and other publication to provide editorial and event photography, and also work with individuals needing head shots, modeling portfolios, and portraits.  Visit our gallery to see the entire scope of available photography.  

THE SHORT LIST INCLUDES: events, portfolio work, head shots, portraits, people, businesses, artwork, objects, products, architecture, food, landscapes, family, holiday cards, senior portraits, Kansas City, nostalgia, engagement photos, weddings... basically PEOPLE, PLACES, AND THINGS.  Yes, we specialize in NOUN photography.  But the thing that sets DCG apart is that through photography, we capture the intangible...the feeling...the experience.


How far will DCG go to photograph for a client?

DCG has and will continue to shoot on location here in Kansas City, anywhere in the United States, and around the globe.  Please visit our gallery to view some of our on and off (way off) location shoots.  If you can dream it, we can shoot it.  Let us help you think way outside the box and make your next project completely UNFORGETTABLE.