DCG is involved in a city wide initiative aimed at increasing the participation in local and national voting.  We have amazing people in our city holding office.  We must inspire our growing community to partake in their civic duties.  We promote and encourage voting.  We aim to inspire all to become active in their local government and communities. Our goal is to set a standard for the rest of the nation and to continue to build Kansas City into one of the country's leading metropolitan destinations.  

The KC Votes Initiative encourages young people to know the candidates, know the issues, and know when and where to vote.  The initiative informs on bi-partisan political plans, emphasizing the power in information.  We must work together for the greater good of our city and the nation. We share the vision of NOLABELS.org who promotes a shared vision for a stronger America.  We support easy access to unbiased news sources.  We encourage voters to hold their representatives accountable to collaboration and disavow political gridlock.  Quality citizens must be informed and active in their local, national, and global governments.  The KC Votes Initiative supports all efforts to create well informed citizens here in Kansas City.